Turkey Second Week

Saturday August 2nd Amaysa Turkey

Today was a rest day and it was very good. We had breakfast provided by the hotel. Then I went with Mike and Clive to visit the ruins that are in the hills surrounding Amaysa.Fort The
tombsAmaysa has been settled since 3500BC the caves where at times tombs and prisions. Then we walked into town and ran into Stuart on a corner so we went and had lunch. We walked into a place and the guy served us a mixed plate of food ...

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Turkey First Week

Friday July 25th 1:55pm Haram Hotel Istanbul

After a 10 hour flight and a one hour cab ride I arrived at the hotel in Istanbul. I was immediately brought up to a room where I hung out for a little bit. From the hotel room I could see the hotel pool and looking out across the Bosphorous I could see the old city of Istanbul. I stopped and took some photos of the pool and the skyline.
otelSunset I then went down to the lobby and Al ...

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This is my humble home on the wide interweb. This site has a few interesting sections so spend some time looking around. I like to dabble around with web technology and computers in general so this site reflects that. Enjoy!

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What do you want me to do? LEAVE? Then they'll keep being
Sometimes xkcd is too close to the truth.

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last.fm subscription

So last.fm have announced they will be offering a streaming service in the near future which will allow users to play any given track whenever they want.

As of today, you can play full-length tracks and entire albums for free on the Last.fm website.

I hope that this ends up being a real step forward in a music subscription service. I want something like Rhapsody but with the ability to play the music on any computer or with just a web browser. Hopefully with DRM going the way of the dodo on music it seems like that has ...

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sometimes lyrics speak to me

I'm walking in the desert land
I'm walking without a plan
The sun will rise stars will fall
- Michigan "Valley of Death"

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XKCD Dream Girl Meetup

Today was the XKCD Dream Girl meetup in Cambridge.

I went it was fun. All kinds of XKCD geeks in one space. w00t!

The park was transformed:
Randall Munroe Memorial

Xicty of Kambridge,

Raptors were not allowed
No raptors

Spiders showed up


The jungle gym was popular
Kite on

Tape measures were ...

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RIP Robert Jordan

Robert Jordan died yesterday. This is sad. I haven't read the latest book in the series but I was looking forward to him finishing the series and being able to read the final chapter.

Back in the early 90s Jordan's Wheel of Time series was one of the first large fantasy series that I read. It really got me into the genre and started my long time obsession with WoT and the world created therein.

RIP Robert Jordan.

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off to the uk for a week and a half.

check twitter for any updates that might occur.

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is this thing alive? I guess it has been a while. Though two months isn't that horrible and with all of these new internet technologies people can still listen in.

Last weekend while in DC at the Museum of Natural History I saw this nice sized piece of copper


Reminded me of the huge piece that is in the Quincy mine. Though this one is also in the room with the Hope diamond.

Anyway a long way to say that it reminded me that I will be up in the UP from August 2nd to the 5th. Let ...

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