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last.fm subscription

So last.fm have announced they will be offering a streaming service in the near future which will allow users to play any given track whenever they want.

As of today, you can play full-length tracks and entire albums for free on the Last.fm website.

I hope that this ends up being a real step forward in a music subscription service. I want something like Rhapsody but with the ability to play the music on any computer or with just a web browser. Hopefully with DRM going the way of the dodo on music it seems like that has ...

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make is quirky

So tonight I was working on my compilers project. Josh had made a Makefile for the project but it wasn't working.

Eventually we traced the error back to a \~/ in the file. Make doesn't like that relative path, once it was changed to the absolute path everything was peachy.

I then remember back to this past summer and mentioned I had met Stu Feldman while out in IBM in the Extreme Blue program.

Stu created make back in 1979. He recounted to us that he never meant for people to have to use \t in make files.

(21 ...

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