Virtual Server & C&E

Today when I arrived back at my apt after a hard day of work. What was waiting for me? While non other then Virtual Server's new CD Installed and Cause & Effect's CD Another Minute. The VS cd is the first CD from a brand new act by DJ Ram of Russia paring with a bunch of sweet vocalists from around the world(Neuropa, Beborn Benton, B! Machine, Echoing Green, Brave New World, Shades of Grey, No Comment, Carpe Diem, Blue October, Voice Industrie). Plus this is a limited Edition 2 disk set with a 2nd cd full of remixes!!

The C&E cd is a rerelease of their first self titled CD. It includes the awsome song Echoing Green available on the C&E website. Plus a ton of other good songs.

I will have more of my thoughts on these CDs after the weekend.