C&E Another Minute

Well I recieved Another Minute in the mail on Friday. After listening to it all I can say is wow! Another amazing CD, but then of course I already knew the CD was gonna rock.

My fav tracks:
You Think You Know Her - No doubt about this song its C&E history. An awsome track, really nice start to the album. Very cool sound.
Farewell to Arms - Different, slower more melodic, very interesting music. Love the vocals here. The lyrics just sound so awsome.
Another Minute - Upbeat, dancy, synthpop at its best. Very cool song.
Echoing Green - Okay this song suprised me. I was expecting to hear the EG remix posted on the C&E homepage. It wasn't until I heard that song that I did a double take and went to see what the version I had was. I really like the song the beat is infectious, it goes through transitions and is something that can stick in your mind. I think the remix is cooler with its stronger beat and all.

The EG Alternate Mix should be released!! I want it. The version online could use some touchup.

Overall the album does sound different from Trip and Innermost Station. I like the progression of sound from one album to another. Its definatly a progression to a less synth oriented to Innermost, but it has been said that they are going back towards synth for the next album.

I also picked up the It's Over Now single which has some cool tracks on it.