Virtual Server - Installed

I love this album. Its amazing one of the best releases of 2002. Has some really great songs. DJ Ram said a v2 is in the works right now. Which is awsome because its another CD to look forward to.

Personally I like
Fallen - Chrissy is amazing... some really strong female vocals. Which you don't find to much of in Synthpop music these days.
Divide - I like the lyrics and Charlie has an awsome voice and the programming is different. I like the mix on this song overall.

"Don't let me fall
Fall into this darkness
Into this dangerous
Divide between us"

Face to Face - I really like the sounds on this song. Amazing programming, top notch. I really like it. The vocals are a great compliment to the song. Awsome job.
Love Is Only - Great message... nice sounds. A great mix of everything in just the right amounts.

Not a bad song on this album. I like them all. Just a few more then others. Its so hard to give good views on the music since I don't know how they programmed it. A lot of this music is made by someone with their own idea for a loop and since its all electronic based it can be anything. Thats what makes Synthpop such an awsome music genre. The music never sounds the same from one group to another since its so easy to tweak it and make it your own.

And its a long album clocking in at 68:35. A lot of great music on this album.