Iris and the Weather

You can order the new Iris single "Unknown" from A Different Drum. It is supposed to be a very good single. To bad it doesn't have any b-sides. My copy should be in the mail soon. I am really looking forward to it. You can also pre-order the new album which is going to be released before the end of the year. It should really rock!

Raymond Feist is still going strong writing new material. The only thing is that its only being released in Europe at the moment. So don't hesitate to order from overseas. He has some awsome books that have been published over there.

Rain, Rain, Rain, and cold that is all we get over here. Hope it either starts snowing or gets warm. I really don't care for these cold rainy days.

Maybe I will get ambitious this week and upgrade the backend here with some more improvements. Coming on the horizon: view counters, my cd database scripts, and maybe I will fix up my mail archive script and make that available.