Color Theory, Somegirl, Intuition

So I have some new music in my posession these days. First of is the new Color Theory cd Something Beautiful. This cd is totally acoustic no synths at all. The lyrics and vocals are just as moving as ever. The music sounds pretty similar to what was produced ealier. It does have that little bit of a real tinge to it though. Nothing wrong here just some more solid "piano-pop" for the 21st century.

Next on the list is Somegirl. I recently bought their album I've Been Known to Be Completely Wrong from ADD. They are a brand new band out of Wisconsin with female lead vocals. The music is kinda trancy but pretty heavy vocals. Its just that there aren't any real "pop" songs on here with really heavy hook or chorus. It definately is synthpop just not in the same vein as Iris or Leiahdorus.

Along with the Somegirl CD I got the CD How To Make A New Friend Vol 3. On this CD is the totally awsome song by Intution called Two. Intution has a sample of this song up on their ampcast site. The sample doesn't do the song any justice. The song is a long perfectly crafted pop song. The single is coming out soon and I am really looking forward to it. For some reason I find myself singing as I walk around the halls at work "Two hearts, two minds, two loves, two lifes, two different things we want from life, whats the point of love if everything is torn apart from the inside."