Cosmicity - Renaissance

I finally took the plunge and got another Cosmicity CD. After listening to "Pure" for a long time I recieved the 1999 release "Rennaissance". A very nice CD, this CD is similar to Pure in sound and content. A relaxing CD, with its share of slow songs along with a few more fast paced catchy tracks. It will be interesting to get more of Cosmicity's back catalog to see how his sound has changed over the years.
Some noteworthy tracks include:
Orange - I had heard a few remixes of this song on and it was interesting to finally get the original version of it.

Too Far Gone
Arpeggiated Rain - I like the lyrics on this song. They really ring true. "It's all for you / The sun and the stars, and the / universe too / all for you"

I highly recommend this CD to any fan of Cosmicity or electronic music in general.