More Music

I have been on a music binge recently. Late last week I got all 4 Iris singles. They totally rock. I haven't listened to them enough to know which mixes I like best, but I totally love the b-side off the Saving Time single "Everybody Is Life". That song absolutely rocks!

I also recieved Beborn Beton Tales from Another World. This is a collection for us US fans that haven't been introduced to Beborn Beton proper. It has some really cool songs on it. I like:
Life is a Distance
Lost Little Robot

I haven't listened to this CD a whole lot yet, so I don't have any really hard and fast favorites. I like the CD over all though. The artwork is awsome the music is synthy. The vocals are a little rougher then most of the synthpop I listen to but overall enjoyable.

A recommened CD if you haven't heard anything by Beborn Beton before.