De/Vision - Devolution

De/Vision just released their new cd "Devolution" on January 3rd. I finally got my copy this week. ADD is distributing the USA release of the cd.

This CD is more of a mix of song tempos then Two was. It has some slow and mellow tracks, but they are offset by some harder faster songs. Overall its a good mix and has some real gems.

I really like:
Drifting Sideways - A faster song with a catchy chorus and some really nice sound effects.
Far Too Deep - I really like the chorus and sound of this song. The whistle is a nice touch. Not a melodic pop song that is for sure but still catchy.
You Say... - A slower song, sounds of pleading, longing, a very nice song.
Mary Jane - Not your average structured pop song. I really like how this song is structured reading the lyrics really made this song become on of my favorites.
The Day's Not Done - A interesting close to the album. A song of despair, and also hope at the same time.

The bonus CD is a nice extra, with a few mixes. Though none of them really stick out in my head. The CD also has a nice 16-page booklet with lyrics, artwork and pictures. I highly recommend this CD if you like any De/Vision or synthpop at all.