Iris - Awakening

I have been listening to this cd and Devolution straight since I got them last week(Friday and Tuesday respectively). This cd is amazingly well crafted. The songs flow from one to another and just stick with you long after they are done playing. Some of these songs are so melodic that they have me singing long after the song is done.

Some of my current favorites:

When I'm Not Around - A very nice melodic song. Amazing how a song can affect you. After a few listens this song continues to amaze me.
Sorrow Expert - This is a faster song with a catchy chorus. Hard to explain but it catches me up.
In Spite - This song just strikes a chord with me. The lyrics are really pulling and the music fits it perfectly.
Vacant - A little faster song. I like the whole feel of this song.

To reiterate this CD is amazing. A very nice sophmore effort from Iris. A little bit slower not as beat driven overall. There are alot of gems here. This CD will be in constant rotation here for a long time.

Available from A Different Drum as always.