Intuition - Further

I recieved Intuition - Further today. It absolutely rocks. They have a nice mix of songs, some fast some slow, all with great lyrics, vocals, and programming.

Even though I have already heard a few of the songs(via samples, the single, and a compilation) it was a treat in my mailbox this afternoon.

Some of my new favorites:

"Danger" - I absolutely love the chorus "Lady, I see the danger / Lady, I was the stranger for so long". Very very touching and an amazing vocal range. I was floored when I first heard it.

"Fear of Hard Times" is a really nice song. I love the slower songs on this album, as most of the others I have heard before this have been faster more clubby(Stargate, Two, So Easy).

One thing that amazes me is the way Intuition manipulates the lyrics to make it fit the music(eg "Danger" "Fear of Hard Time"). This creates some damn catchy phrases, that I can see myself humming for days to come.

A highly recommened release if you like lighter synthpop with great sounds, lyrics, vocals.

This cd will be in constant rotation for a while. Do yourself a favor and check it out at Then go snag a copy from ADD.