NASA / Remembering the Future

So recently I recieved Nasa Remembering the Future in my mailbox. This CD has been out for a while but I just picked it up. They have a few songs online at that really got me hooked. That isn't all there is to the CD it is full of jems. The songs are really upbeat, blippy, tunes, and have very comical lyrics at times. "Xenophobic" is a song about an alien that meets racism on earth. "I guess my seven heads just add to the confusion,". On of my favorite songs of the CD is the song "They call her love". The chorus totally strikes a chord with me and sounds amazing. "They call her love, she takes your life, God knows, she's drained all the life out of me, God knows why".

If you want a CD full of catchy songs do yourself a favor and check out this band.