Elektrodelic Symphony on WMTU

So this fall I got ambitious and attempted to get a show on WMTU Houghton(the local college radio station). I now have a show from 5-7AM on Sundays starting the 14th of September.

You will be able to listen online at
So if you happen to be around the computer at that time give a listen. Of course if you live in the Houghton MI area listen turn your radio onto 91.9 FM

If want a general idea of what I will be playing take a look at most of my CD collection. The show is "electronic pop" so all synthpop, industrial, ebm, new-age, etc will be played.

Of course I will play all the brand spanking new music I get in. So listen in for a nice mix of bands like The Echoing Green, Iris, Cause & Effect, Anything Box, Cosmicity, De/Vision, Mesh, Intuition, Duran Duran, Echo Image, Information Society, Leiahdorus, Neuropa, etc.

Eventually I will have playlists available here. I also might set up some streams of my show.

[edit] Check out my show website [\edit]