Wideband Network - Universe

[Universe]Wideband Network - Universe has to be one of my most spun CDs that I have purchased in the past month or so. That says a lot as I have bought 3 or 4 really awsome new CDs in the past month(Anything Box, Camouflage, ...). The music on this CD is really interesting, there are definately many layers to it. I like how the vocals are at times shorter and choppy. No ballads on this CD. The interesting use of vocals and the style of the singing really adds to the luster of the CD. I love songs like "Superman" with a very catchy intro and an awsome chorus to keep ya listening. "You wanna see me and / You wanna be me but / You don't Know / What it takes to be Me / What it takes to live a fantasy". With tracks like "Forward Reverse Universe", "Superman", "Drops of Sugar", and "Freedom" one can hardly go wrong.

Very highly recommended if you like catchy electronic music with that has some meaning.