Daybehavior - Have You Ever Touched A Dream?

[Have You Ever Touched A Dream]So on a whim I went and bought Daybehavior - Have You Ever Touched A Dream?. Man is this CD an unexpected gem. I love the music. Its not to often you find a nice electronic CD where the main vocalist is female. The CD spans the gamut with dreamy vocals, trip-hop flavored songs, fast danceable club tracks.

After the first listen the CD didn't hit me, but after leaving it in car CD player for a few days the songs really grew on me. "Give Me" starts of the CD with the right feel a more mid tempo song with a really awsome chorus. I also love the dreamy feel of "Heaven," the hopeful feeling in "Close Your Eyes," the slow contemplative sound in "Bleed," the awsome hooky chorus in "Happy Fairtale," the upbeat, dancy "Superstar," the poppy "Mon :Ami,"" and the hard hitting "Devil in Me". As you can see the songs follow the gamut of types and they all have very fitting music that compliments each song very well. The sounds are varied and really help to make the songs memorable. My favorite song of the CD has to be "I've Never Died Before," Its a nice slower song which really accentuates how awsome of a voice Paulinda has. I also love the Italian on the song "La Commedia."

A highly recommened CD. There are some definate gems on here, this CD will be one of the unsung releases of 2003.