Cosmicity - Escape Pod For Two

[escape pod for
two]Cosmicity's Escape Pod For Two definately a crowning moment in the career of this amazing musician. It is the final release that Mark has committed to. He is taking a break from Cosmicity for an unknown amount of time. The CD is a jewel with a winding theme throughout, the songs are all part of a storyline where the listener is taken on a journey through space. The songs are very well recorded, have the thoughtfull lyrics we have come to expect from Cosmicity. The songs are a mixture of beats with some really interesting electronics thrown in.

Sedgwick starts out the CD as a very catchy tune. I like the storyline thoughout, which is not what I find in other music.

Departure is a medium fast song with a bright beat. The song gives you a feeling of leaving(either earth or leaving someone) depending on the mood.

Escape Pod For Two is the title track of the CD. It is the first slower song. It continues the story of the CD talking about two people leaving together to find someplace new. I like the backing vocals in this song a breathy sound that compliments the song.

In Flight speeds things back up and ruminates on leaving the past behind and just looking forward and not letting the world pull you down.

Abort is an interesting song. The vocals are all performed by one of the Macintosh "voices". The song works out amazingly well.

Regenerate is a mid tempo song with a very "humanized" song as Mark has said to contrast it with Abort. It works out well. I like the backing vocal effects on this song they really bring out the full effect of the song.

Drops and Splotches is a continuation of Regenerate with just a short vocal section. A nice song with fits right in with the others.

Tinnitus is a return to a slighty faster style song that works out well.

Vast is a story a song that is about being in transit and looking around and seeing just how vast the world actually is.

Oxygenius says to go your own way and forge your destiny. Don't wait for anyone or what you aren't. The song pulls this message of well. The chorus is catchy and the backing sounds are a nice mix that compliment the feeling throughout.

Futuresong is a nice love song to finish off the CD. It avoids the cliche comments and delivers up some powerful verses. "You think you love me, / but there's just no way / True love will take a lifetime / starting with today". After listening to the CD for a while this has quickly become on of my all time favorite Cosmicity songs.

To top it all off on the limited edition there is a bonus CD with remixes of almost all the songs.

I haven't talked much about the feel/sound of the music. Well don't worry this is your standard Cosmicity music only enhanced and taken to the next level. The sounds are all new an innovative. That is what I love about electronic music. Every song can sound so much different with just a touch of the button. This allows for distinct sounds that all mix together very well. The songs are blibby and bobby at times, slow and contemplative at others. Its hard to compare them to anything since they are computer generated but you can hear influnces of most instruments inside the sounds.

A Highly recommended CD. Earlier I had said that there is no song on this CD that makes my draw drop like "Let Me In" did on Pure. Well after listening to the CD for a while I have to change my opinion and say that Future Song is a jaw dropper. It is easily on of my top 5 Cosmicity songs of all time. I think the CD is the best yet from Cosmicity and one of the best CDs I have ever held in my hands. Find out yourself and pick it up from A Different Drum.