Penguicon Day 1

Today was awesome. Went to the con around 12. They were still in setup mode so we wasted time by going to Best Buy and went and watched a flick.
Around 4 the fun started. I went to two different sessions and then went and listened to Neil Gaiman read a short story. Even though he got there about 3 min before he spoke he did an awesome job. Very good story and very good reading. I stuck around for the opening ceremonies and Jon "maddog" Hall's speach.
After that I went and sat in on a forum on the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund with Neil Gaiman, Jeff Bates, Katie Merritt, Bill Baker, and Jane Irwin. Very interesting panel and found out about a crazy law that was just passed in the state of Michigan. House Bill 4360 which makes it a felony to have "obscene" material in the vacinity of a "youngster". The CBLDF is fighting the law so right now it isn't being prosecuted until the legal action is over. The CBLDF is a very interesting fund and is on the front lines of 1st amendment issues. Check out their website.
Tomorrow promises to be just as interesting. Eventually I should have some pictures that others have taken to throw up here. I really wish I already had a digital camera. Now I know I would actually be able to use one.