Penguicon Day 2

Day 2 started out really early, we arrived at about 10 to the con. I sat in on a Samba session by Chris Hertel. It was very intersting and gave me a better background into Samba and where it is going. I then got in on about half of a panel on the "Gender of SF" which Neil Gaiman was a part of. Very interesting panel and made me realize I haven't read near enough of the "old" Sci-Fi/Fantasy books. Next I went to the PS2 cluster presentation which was really interesting. I got a good background into why they decided to build a cluster of PS2s and what their reason was to even attempt it. Promptly after that I went to Scott Collins' panel on Mozilla and the future of the web. Scott didn't talk about Mozilla the whole time his panel was more dominated about where the web is going with IPv6 and how it will change how we use the web. Scott had some intresting analogies and I was pleased I went to the panel.
Then I went and sat in the ballroom and waited for my turn to get my book signed by Neil Gaiman. I only waited about 1.5 hours which isn't so bad considering I got there about 20 minutes late. Eventually I got my new Sandman comic signed by Neil which was cool.
Clif Flint gave a nice talk on Tcl/Tk which was really informative. I never knew exactly what you could do with Tcl/Tk and how cross platform it actually is. I will have to give it a try sometime soon.
After that I went to on of my LUG members house(Mary) for some really awesome venison stakes(provided by Kyle) and a full course dinner.
I finished up the night with a few more panels dealing with the Linux 2.6 kernel, Deconstructing the SCO lawsuit, Regular Expressions, and Firewall Validation. All panels were informative and I learned a few things I previously didn't know. Mainly that SCO's lawsuite doesn't have any merit at all.
The whole day was really awesome and I ended up very tired but very pleased that I had attended Penguicon.