Boston, IBM, & Summer

So I am now out in Boston for the summer. So far its been a blast. The people here in the BU dorms are really nice and I feel my team mates and I should be able to accomplish the goals we have set for ourselves for the summer. We should be able to deliver something we will really be proud of and IBM will find usefull.

I have been having fun on the weekends walking and taking the T around Boston. It is an interesting experience depending on public transportation and not having a car. I kinda like it. Makes some stuff a hassel but overall I can see how its possible for one to not need a car in a larger city.

As true summer co-ops we have started playing Ultimate Frisbee at least one day a week.

Tomorrow I am going to go walk around Boston and visit some of the shops in the area. My whole plan for the day is to visit Best Buy and get some speakers so I don't have to listen to all my music on my headphones.

Once my digital camera gets back from the doctors I will be able to post some pictures. Hopefully I will get it before anything to interesting starts happening. It looks like there are some really cool concerts and other fun events coming up.