Ben Folds, Guster, Rufus Wainwright

Last Sunday the 11th I went and saw Ben Folds, Guster, and Rufus Wainwright play at the Fleet Pavilion. The Pavilion is not near as large as I thought it would be so even though we had back row seats the view was fairly good.

Rufus played first. Damn is he hard to listen to live when you don't know his music. He doesn't enounciate as clearly as he does on his albums so its very hard to pick up on what he is singing. Still is music is very good and he did sing Hallelujah from Shrek.

Guster and Rufus played two songs togther and then Guster played a hours worth of music. Their drummer is totally crazy, he plays the drums with just his hands which is exceedingly cool. The strobe lights were also really bright. I don't know much of Guster's music so I just enjoyed the songs and the singing.

Ben totally rocked the house. I knew every song he played and was singing along with him. I love it when the conducts the audience and has them play part of his songs. It makes the concert even more entertaining. Ben also played a few songs with Guster backing him which put a full band sound on a few of the Ben Folds Five songs which was cool to hear. Ben and the drummer from Guster also did a drum solo battle to the death which was really interesting. Ben can really play the drums.

I bought all three CDs from the bands and have just listened to them tonight. They are all really cool and I am very glad I was able to see them in concert. I definately will go see Ben whenever the opportunity approaches.