Yesterday Dan and I went to the last Dispatch concert ever in Boston at the Hatch shell. We left about 4 and got down to the river about 15 minutes before the concert started. It was already crowded when we got there but Dan and I were not dissuaded we were able to get inside the walkway and get a pretty good view of the stage. There were 100,000+ people at the free show according to the band. That is an awesome turnout for an independent artist who has no links to the RIAA or their friends.

The band played for 3 hours which is amazing I can't believe that they have that kind of endurance to play for the whole time without taking a break.

I hadn't heard of Dispatch until Friday but I think I might have heard some of their songs at points in the past. Their live show is very good and was well worth the walk down the river. Even if I was surrounded by a ton of people and with sun and temps in the upper 80s it was still a very awesome show.

To bad Dispatch is now done forever. I will have to pick up their CDs at some point so I can become more familiar with thier awesome music.