Enough music already?

So Todd over at ADD posted a list of the CDs that will be released in 2004 on into 2005.

Wow! I am amazed at all the totally rockin albums that will be released by ADD in the near future. So many CDs from some of my favorite artists.

CDs like:
Intuition "Overworked and Underplayed" -- Their freshman CD was totally crazy and I love their new single. This CD is sure to get a lot of spin time from me.

Leiahdorus "Parallel Universe" -- More electronic piano pop then you can shake a stick at. This CD has been highly anticipated by me.

The Dignity of Labour "The Dignity of Labour" -- I love TDOL's sound. His voice is just way to intriguing.

Syrian "Kosmonauta" -- I just bought their freshman CD, but so far I have liked what I have heard.

Wideband Network "Ten Thousand Seconds" -- Their CD last year was a suprise buy for me. Amazing to think they are already coming out with a new CD.

Nevarakka "Color vs. The Light" -- Brand new band. Very heavy hitting from the few samples I have.

Junk Circuit "Urban Republika" -- A side project from one of the Neuropa band members. Should be very interesting.

Pristina "Songs and Sirens" -- Joey B. from TEG doing programming with female vocals. How can one go wrong?

Somegirl "She's Full of Secrets" -- Female fronted band from Wisconsin. Their freshman CD hasn't been spun near as much as it deserves.

The Echoing Green "Songs of Innocence and Experience" (4CD + DVD) -- Anything TEG is automatically good.

Monolithic "Weapon of Mass Seduction" -- Monolithic has slowly become one of my favorite bands when I want something more heavy.

Michigan "Ultimate Sky" -- Michigan had to have been one of my best finds last year. Very very smooth programming, catchy lyrics, and awesome beats.

Rename "Culture" -- Haven't heard to much of this band but should be a good CD.

Various Artists "Red Letter Day -- A Synthpop Christmas" -- ADD's spin on Christmas should be interesting.

Rupesh Cartel "All the Bad Luck That's Been Chasing You" -- Don't know much about this artist. If what
Todd has said stands I will be interested.

Various Artists "ADD SLC 2K4 - Official Bootleg" -- Live songs. Always good.

Cosmic Ally "Twin Sun" -- Todd posted some clips on the sloth forums. Should be an interesting band from Korea.

Various Artists "State of Synthpop 2005" (6CD) -- I liked the previous SoS. This one should be just as good.

Okay so thats at least 18 CDs. Guess I better start saving some money.