Stephen Lynch

Stephen Lynch performed at the Rosza("giant grape") Center today.

It was totally amazing. Even with Lynch being doped up on drugs to fight his cough and him having to cough every few minutes. It didn't seem to affect his singing that much. Lynch involved the audience througout the whole show and showed his ability to improvise with a rendition of "Superhero". It was the most hilarious show I have seen in my Tech career. The humor is definately adult but covers topics that people always joke about in private. Stephen just does it on a stage in front of a thousand people, while singing. The songs he wrote and sang were complex. I found myself listening intently so as not to miss the punch line/lines. From the birth of a baby to priest sexual abuse to superhero's to D&D everything was covered.

I had never listened to/seen Lynch before tonight. So now I just have to buy his CDs so I can listen to all the songs that he didn't sing.

One of his songs: "Kill a Kitten"