Take my heart, Don´t ever tear it apart

ultimate sky Michigan's second album Ultimate Sky grew on me over the past few months that I had it. At first it didn't grab me as quickly as their first CD did but that might just be because I am familiar with their style. However as I listened to the album I found that certain songs just stuck with me and I really started to like them. Ultimate Sky is a mix of harder, faster songs mixed with the right amount of slower more contemplative songs. The lyrics are complex throughout. It is really worth it to read the lyrics along with the music.

Songs like "Destiny's Line", "The Collector", "Control of Me", "A Ride In Time", "Sorrows" are all very strong. Overall Michigan's music is similar to acts like De/Vision or Mesh. It is dark, deep but also at times hopeful. The programming is superb and the group mixes up the music so it doesn't get stale.

With lyrics like:

Let us love
Let us share
The stupid things in life
Small talk and walks
But I´m not scared
I´ll give my best for you
I´ll care

One cannot go wrong.