And one's pointing his tree branch at me.

Wide AwakeI'm Wide Awake It's Morning is the second Bright Eyes album that will be released on January 25th. This album is the more "regular" Bright Eyes album. It has an acoustic music, modern country, type feel to it. With gorgeous harmonies by Emmylou Harris it has quite a different feel from "Digital Ash from a Digital Urn".

Starting off with a story by Conor the album doesn't stop. We Are Nowhere and It's Now is the first track with Emmylou she makes the song just that much better, as she does on every song she contributes to. Old Soul Song (For the New World Order) brings in a real modern country music feel. It is interesting that even though I have never liked any current country music I love Conor's take on the sound. Maybe its the lyrical genious and singing that pull me through. Lua is a nice acoustic track that really makes one pause and listen. I really like the acoustic tracks. Land Locked Blues is my favorite song on the album. They lyrics and vocals really make me listen. "There's kids playing guns in the street. And one's pointing his tree branch at me."

This album is an interesting compliment to Digital Ash. The two albums go together and give a nice full view of Bright Eyes. There is something here for everyone. I have listened to them constantly since I got them.