I wish I had a parachute 'cause I'm falling bad for you.

Digital AshTwo new Bright Eyes albums are going to be released on January 25th. I preordered them from Saddle Creek and got them in the mail last Friday. Wow! Both albums are different but spectacular in their own way.

Digital Ash in a Digital Urn has a more electronic feel then the other Bright Eyes albums I have listened to. It still has the signature Conor Oberst vocals and lyrics, ruminating on many different subjects just not to your regular Bright Eyes backing.

The pouding sounds of Time Code flow into Gold Mine Gutted. Arc of Time's captivating beat and lyrics keep you in. I Believe In Symmetry tells a wonderful tale. All along the songs are very fun, they show a different side of Conor Oberst, one that I really like. This especially become apparent after listening to the sister album to Digital Ash in a Digital Urn, "I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning". Theme to a Pinata has one of my favorite lyrical phrases on the album, even if it is a little cheesy, "I wish I had a parachute 'cause I'm falling bad for you."

A very solid release from Bright Eyes and sure to please any new or old Bright Eyes fan.