Mark Cuban on Grokster vs. MGM

Mark Cuban the owner of the Dallas Mavricks has his own weblog. Recently he posted two posts about the forthcoming MGM vs. Grokster case that is going before the Supreme Court.

He has some very pertinent points:

Technology has advanced and gone further than any of us could have imagined over the last 20 years. Go back just 15 years and even the best forecasters would be shocked at the number of us who have cell phones, use email, have DVD players, spend as much time online as we do watching TV, have MP3 players, replaced our film cameras with digital cameras and more.

The next 15 years will have just as many new devices that we can’t imagine today.

What if they all became illegal?
Software doesn’t steal content…people do.

He mentions that we all need to call our reps and let them know the common persons position on this issue.

The content companies already have their reps and that is unfair.

In the MGM vs Grokster case, the fewer than 50 companies who control less than 1 pct of all digital information are trying to take control of innovation in the technology industry and pry it away from the rest of us.

The first post and his followup, both very good reads.