Avril Lavigne?? What about Joss Stone?

Mike thinks I love Avril to much. Since if you go to my AudioScrobbler profile and look at number 32 Avril shows up.

I won't say that I don't even listen to Avril, that would be an outright lie. Her albums aren't that bad if you listen to the songs in order. Its good music for those times when you want to be an angry skater boi. Until I show up on her Top Fans list I won't worry.

I can say she hasn't gotten into my brain near as much as say Joss Stone's new albums have. That girl can sing like nobody's business! I have only had those albums for about 2 months and already she is at number 27 on my list.

AudioScrobbler is an awesome service, but it does open one up to criticsm on one's listening habits. "No I didn't ever play that Britney Spears song! It is lying!"

Update: Smoke and mirrors huh? Guess I will just have to lay low for a while and see if they work.