I have now been in Arlington MA since last Tuesday. Work so far has been very good. Other then the usual start up slowness and me figuring out my laptop was broken by trying to install Win2k on it.

Today I biked down to Davis Square. The Minuteman bike path that is right behind my apartment goes down to the Alewife T-stop and then continues on to Davis Square. So I can easily get from my apartment to Davis square in about 15-20 minutes. There are plans to extend it all the way to Lechmere and eventually downtown Boston which would be very cool.

All of my pictures from my recent Europe trip are uploading to flickr. I had to write a script to add 6 hours to the time taken on all the pictures as I forgot to change the timezone before I started taking pictures. Sometime this week I will go through an annotate them.

In the works are plans to renovate the front page of my site and to get rid of this default wordpress theme.