Goodby Tech

Today the last vestiges of Tech were removed from my car. My previous insurance was not going to be any good here in MA. So this past week I went and found new insurance for my car. It was actually cheaper then my MN insurance. Finally something in MA that is cheaper then MN. It helps to have a clean driving record. :)

Anyway today I went and got my insurance and safety inspection. The technician asked if I wanted my Michigan Tech stikers removed and I agreed. Now I can be a MA driver, I have plates and an inspection sticker. I can drive just as badly as anyone else and nobody will know I am freshly moved from the mid-west.

It was a busy day at that shop. While I was there a young lady and her family came to get her new car inspected. We chatted for a while about Boston and surrounding areas. She worked at MIT and we both concured that you can drive just as fast as public transportation. It takes an hour or so to go 15-20 miles no matter where you are going in this area. While we were waiting many other people arrived looking to get their car inspected, at least 4 or 5. I am glad I got there nice and early so I could get in and out and keep my insurance.

+80F with +70% humidty is no fun.