[![Mass Ave](]( "Mass Ave")

Today I almost joined Tim in having my car out of commission due to an accident. My apartment is right on Mass Ave. The road is fairly busy especially at 7:30 in the morning. I pulled up and looked both ways and didn't see any vehicles. Then I looked right again and saw a truck so I waited for it to pass and pulled out into the road. I totally forgot to look left and by that time a car had turned a corner and was headed my way. I didn't see it until it was right in front of me screeching it's horn. If I would have been a few seconds faster I would have t-boned that car. Luckily he made it by me and I made it across the median and on my way to work. Now I will make sure I look both ways multiple times before pulling out into the street.

Now as soon as I finish my PB&J(very good if one hasn't had one in a while) I am off to the Wilco concert at the Agganis Arena on BU's campus. This arena is right next to where I stayed last summer while I was out in Boston. The concert should be awesome though I have kinda crappy seats because I just bought my tickets a few weeks ago.

frou frou rocks + tim does osaka + paul does nasa + stolen from tonypierce