Wilco in Boston

Tonight Wilco played at Agganis Arena on the BU campus. It was my first time heading over to BU from my apartment in Arlington. I managed to get over there in only 50 minutes which wasn't that bad at all.

Wilco totally rocks live. If you think their CDs are awesome you really have to see them live. slow, fast, hard, rock, harmonica all occur at different times along with Jeff Tweedys signature vocal style. Wilco played mostly songs I know which is everything but the "A.M." album. There were a few songs I didn't know.

"There is no sunken treasure ... Music is my savior" During the "non arena" section of the concert I listened intently to the lyrics and found some phrases that hadn't noticed previously.

Two straight hours of music. Wilco has some amazing endurance. Song after song just rolled out and I was able to get into every single one of them. The flow was very well thought out. I loved the mix from rock songs to slow songs and back. And then throw in a harmonica and some thumping piano solos and one can go straight to music ecstasy.

Along the way to the concert I caught the B train to get to the BU campus. Getting on at Park St, I happend to sit across from two cute girls who were chatting away. I didn't think much of it just enjoyed the ride out to BU. They got off at the West BU stop and I continued along to the St. Paul stop. I got to my seat in the arena and after a little while the two girls came in and sat down at the other end of my row. They ended up getting tickets for the floor from two random people and that was the last I saw of them. I like random coincidences. It made the night more interesting.

If you ever get the chance check out Wilco. I totally recommend it.