Work is getting interesting

Right before I started working at IBM my team lead started the process to get his blog component for Workplace out the door. I have taken the code he initially built and am building a more robust version of it that we will eventually ship in or on Workplace 2.6. This will be released later this year.

That isn't the most interesting part though. Yesterday a version of the component was published on Alphaworks as a Technology preview for Workplace 2.5. Since non of my contributions are in that version I am not mentioned on the page itself.

And since blogs and blogging is a pretty big thing right now the PR folks are starting to get alot of press questions. The standard story release going around isn't that correct. I like the eWeek piece the best. They describe the different components the best and didn't take the more or less IBM boilerplate version.

I am putting this post behind a password because I don't feel like getting to much attention at the moment.