Freezepop @ TT's

Freezepop played at TT's tonight. Along with Freezepop came trs-80, fashion flesh, and livesexact. Very good fun and the pre-freezepop bands put on a good show.

First time ever seeing freezepop in a real music setting. Instead of a free show in the middle of a day. It makes quite a difference in the experience. Audience members played the PS2 game Amplitude to the song "Super-Sprøde." The first attempt failed pretty quickly though the second person finished the level and everyone was happy.

Freezepop has an awesome stage presence and a the video screen helps to make people jump up and down and dance. Though there wasn't that much dancing going on. Overall an awesome hour set.

Oh yeah I got spotted wearing a threadless tee. "i recognize that shirt. I think i saw it while surfing threadless. yeah you did."