Late on a Sunday night

A few minutes with me... Tonight after a day lazily spent hacking I now have a wordpress theme based on the OSWD theme done by Andreas Viklund. This theme is also on my main home page on That site is also served up by a nice cute PHP script which loads a page based on the variable passed into it. So my homepage is index.php/Main and index.php/\<lots of stuff> work also. Makes it very easy to have a single page to control all of the layout and just have plain text files sitting in a directory that are the actual content of each page.

Went and saw Shakespeare on the common yesterday. The show was Hamlet and this weekend was the end of its run. Very good show. The actors/directors were not afraid to bring in popular culture into the show at times. Even though I was sitting way in the back on the side of a hill the show was good. It was my first time watching a Shakespeare play and he is a good playwright. He lives up to the hype. "To be or not to be..."

Dead Like Me season two is fantastic. Ellen Muth is awesome! Not at all good that such an awesome show got cancled. Makes one very sad because the cast did such an awesome job and the show could have grown so much more. Six Feet Under season five is getting really interesting and only two more episodes left to go. Should be an interesting finale.

Anything Box's Claude Strillo put out a new CD recently. His side project The Diary has a new CD Separate. One can even download the totally awesome psychadelic track "Give up the Monsters." Probably one of my favorite tracks on the CD. I along with a few others even got a small shoutout because we preordered the CD. The album is full of rockin' pop songs that are beatlesque with a touch of electronics all wrapped up by Claude to make for a wondeful experience. Go give this album a listen.