oh my...

I don't know if I can wait or not. The newest cd from Iris entitled "Wrath" is now on its way to me. I have listened to two of the tracks that are on myspace and they totally have me salivating. Sounds like Iris has put out another cd full of innovative songs. The few people who have gotten the cd say that there isn't a bad track to be found.

To even sweeten the package the newest Leiahdorus single "Kiss on the Telephone" is also on its way. I have heard a few of the new tracks off the forthcoming album and this is another release I cannot wait for. Check out samples on the Leiahdorus myspace page.

I have been poking around with the new cross platform musicbrainz tagger and it looks very promising. It has come quite a way since I last used it last year. It has a pretty unique way of cleaning up ones musical files.

Now to wait for the postman. If I don't get the Iris CD before the end of the week someone will pay. ;)