Iris - Wrath


So I have had Wrath for one week now. I have listened to it at least a
dozen times
. Probably way more then that.

"You're the delivered one"

The cd is amazing. Definately the best I have gotten so far in 2005. A
nice evolution for Iris. The music is a nice progression from
Awakening. Some of my favorite tracks include Imposter, 68, Intercede
Light, and Delivered One. This is definately a cd to listen( to from
beginning to end.

"i am on to these imposters' ways"

I think Iris has hit a sweet spot with the mix of guitars, synths, and
electronics in this album. The vocals continue to astound and I find
myself singing the course to many a song at random times during the

Now they just have to come to Boston!

"intercede light / shine on our darkened minds"