Anansi Boys

Anansi Boys is Neil Gaiman's latest novel. Anansi is the African trickster god. He made a brief apperance in American Gods. Anansi has a son Fat Charlie Nancy and when Anansi dies Charlie's life turns upside down. He finds out he has a brother who has all of Anansi's powers and creates havoc for Charlie. This is the story of how the two brothers who didn't know each other cope with meeting for the first time. It also has a lime. Along with other gods that poke around in our world. I found myself laughing out loud at times.

Neil has written a very intriguing story. It weaves into our world along with its fanciful characters and makes you empathize for Charlie as he tries to figure out how to deal with the effects of finding his brother. In this book Neil Gaiman has shown why he is one of my favorite writers. It is interesting because this is the first book I have read after reading his journal daily, I can see his writing style flowing through everything. It will be interesting to see a few of his movies that he has written(Mirrormask, Beowulf) to see if I can see his traces there.