the week goes on

The week goes on... and I am listening to the new album by Harvey Danger titled "Little by Little." Even cooler you can listen to the whole album free as it was released via bittorrent. Of course you can go the old school route and buy it. Give it a listen, you don't have anything to loose.

On other notes. I am not that much more nearsighted then I was two years ago, which is cool, so I can use my free pair of glasses to get a pair of sunglasses. Serenity is a very good flick, it was nice to get a return to the world of Firefly after never thinking I would see it again. Also Neil Gaiman's Mirrormask is a good film, it is a totally psychedelic ride given to us by Dave McKean.

New Matt Pond PA album titled "Several Arrows Later" is going to be in stores next Tuesday, I totally cannot wait for it. Then I get to go to a MPPA show next Friday. Along with a Stephen Lynch show this Friday I will be all full of live shows.

My copy of the complete Calvin&Hobbes will be here tomorrow. 22.5lbs of C&H goodness.

Work is keeping me busy and soon I will get to move onto something slightly newer(at least it should be new functionality) rather then putting the finishing touches on my current project.