Elektrodelic Symphony Pt 1

Today I found a gem. A few dusty copies of my radio show Elektrodelic Symphony. It is now going to be resurrected as a podcast, cause that is the hip thing to do.

Part one from October 26th. The episode in which I have an off the air call in request. I also call the show Elektrodelic Synthpop all throughout and talk really fast. Maybe it was the lack of sleep and being up at 3am. Of course like any good WMTU DJ, I keep my on air time to a scant few seconds. The audio is a little bit clipped, that happened either during the actual recording(it went over the air like that) or during the transfer from tape to my computer.

Track listing:

  • Camouflage - i can't feel you
  • Iris - Sentimental Scar
  • Anything Box - Carmen
  • Information Society - Mirrorshades
  • Leiahdorus - So Much
  • Filter - Take a Picture (by request)
  • Electronic - Late at Night

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