Mining makes it very easy to find out how I listen to music. By looking at my weekly charts you can easily tell that I listened to alot more music on my computer earlier this year when I was still in college. Since then I have spent alot less face time in front of my computer at home. I still listen to music fairly often at work but usually use my iRiver which has no way to track.

It also become apparent that I listen to artists about the same amount. No one artist gets most favored status. For artists that have a large catalogue they will appear high on my Top Artists list.

Artist - Number of Plays

Though Michigan coming in at 15(242 plays) with only two albums is in fairly heavy rotation. Universal Poplab and Bobby both with only one album are in at 27(148 plays) and 30(136 plays) respectively get a honorable mention.

With \~18000 plays recorded to my profile even my most listened to band only gets 2.9% of my listening time. And I have not spun a single song more then 19x. Even if you count a few more on my iRiver, it shows a pretty diverse music habit.

And now with the new player the service is getting even better. Users can tag music to create home brewed radio stations. One can listen to either global or personal tag stations. I have found the personal radio station to be a good mix of my favorite music and unheard jems. Soon will release monthly stats so I will be able to see how my music listening has changed over time.

It is only going to get more interesting.