gam_server on ubuntu

So today my gam_server went memory crazy. It is a daemon that notfies applications about file changes. At one point it was using 40% of my gig of memory. I killed it and it came right back and was using 22% a short while later.

Luckily the newest version(0.17) is in dapper drake and is supposed to fix a few of the memory leaks that are in 0.15 that is in breezy. There are no special dependencies on dapper so dpkg installs it just fine on breezy.

I installed gamin and libgamin0(download then dpkg -i filename.deb from a command line). Hopefully I won't have any more issues.

update: So far so good. No gigantic memory leaks overnight. I did attempt to just uninstall gamin but then apt decided it would have to uninstall all of my gnome desktop so I looked for another solution

update2: I haven't had any issues since I installed the new versions last month. So go install 0.17 if you run into this problem.

update3: Follow instructions on Kibbitz and update your gaminrc in /etc/gamin/gaminrc to set notify status on any mounted partitions:

# configuration for gamin # Can be used to override the default behaviour. # notify filepath(s) : indicate to use kernel notification # poll filepath(s) : indicate to use polling instead # fsset fsname method poll_limit : indicate what method of notification for # the filesystem # kernel - use the kernel for notification # poll - use polling for notification # none - don't use any notification # # the poll_limit is the number of seconds # that must pass before a resource is polled # again. It is optional, and if it is not # present the previous value will be used # or the default. # # Some examples: # notify /mnt/local* /mnt/pictures* # use kernel notification on these paths # poll /temp/* # use poll notification on these paths # fsset nfs poll 10 # use polling on nfs mounts and poll once # every 10 seconds notify /media/music* /media/pictures* /media/movies* /mnt/extra* fsset ext3 notify