Imogen Heap

I just got back from Imogen Heap concert at Paradise Rock club here in Boston. Zoë Keating is along for the tour. I hadn't heard Zoe's music before but she plays a mean acoustic cello. Immi's show is amazing. She has an awesome stage presence. Immi mostly played songs off her new album Speak for Yourself. Luckily she also played Let Go along with It's Good to Be in Love from Details. Zoë Keating played along with Immi on Can't Take It In the track from the Narnia soundtrack. They also played Headlock together along with at least one other track that I can't remember. Immi was a class act even when technical problems arose during Hide and Seek she switched to a wired mic without losing stride.

It was my first time ever seeing Immi live. This tour is really special, Zoë Keating is a good accompaniment to Immi. Immi really likes to talk with the crowd which makes the show that much cooler. She reminisced about how she had been on this stage previously with Rufus Wainwright and of course as Frou Frou. Even though she is coordinating many electronic instruments she is able to pull it off without any problems. I also liked the piano only versions of many of her songs. Go see Immi if she comes by your town!

I failed in remembering to bring my camera so I wasn't able to take any pictures. It made me sad when I realised that while on the bus almost to Porter square. I had a good view of the stage and would have been able to get some nice pictures.

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