Cory Doctorow @ MIT

Cory Doctorow spoke at MIT tonight. I am very very impressed with his public speaking ability. Cory makes some of the best analogies I have heard about the history of art and where it should go in the future. However that future is under attack by people who do not understand where art has been and how money can be made from art in the future. I can see why he is sought to provide explanations to government officials about why copyright/ip law//freedom needs to be balanced and why the current media conglomerates are pushing to make it impossible for the natural evolution of art to take place. Cory gave props to Neil Gaiman for creating a conversation with his readers and making Neil's work that much harder for a random author to replace Neil's place in any given readers mind.

Making a bigger haystack does not make it easier to find the needle - Cory Doctorow

Now excuse me as I go read Cory's books and listen to his podcasts.