One month later

Now that July is almost over I have finally used up almost all of my vacation for this year.

First I went to DC for an Iris show at Nation which was absolutely amazing.

[![In Amin's apartment](](

My parents came into town for the end of the week. We walked around town and had supper at the Union Oyster House.

[![The Union Oyster House](](

Holocaust Memorial:

[![Holocaust Memorial](](

I jetted off to San Francisco for a weekend of fun and excitement.

Josh and I biked around San Fran on Sunday and decided to go up hills:

[![17th street hill](](

and across bridges

[![Steve at the bridge](](

even though it was windy

[![Josh holding his glasses](](

the bridge was covered in fog

[![Golden Gate Bridge](](

San Francisco flickr set

Then I spent a week in the Raleigh/Durham area for a business trip. I can see why business travel could get taxing very easily.

Last week I was back in the UP staying at my parents place on Big Traverse bay

[![Nice clouds](](

Picked some blueberries


Visited Quincy Mine

[![Quincy Mine Shaft \#2](](

Beach waves



[![Inside the sauna](](

and of course campfires


UP Flickr set.