Hoboes are taking over

John Hodgman visited Brookline tonight and explained to the residents of the Boston area how Hoboes are close to taking over the world. Though most of them escaped to outer space after the great depression.


At least he had Jonathon Coulton along to sign accompanient and play his theme song, because every self respecting author should have a theme song.
John tought how to draw and recognize a hobo sign.

[![Hobo sign](http://static.flickr.com/111/254591976_41a134e8af.jpg)](http://www.flickr.com/photos/spi/254591976/)

After standing in line for a hour or so I was able to meet the man who is a very sincere and downright funny man.

[![John Hodgman](http://static.flickr.com/85/254599167_2718ef210b.jpg)](http://www.flickr.com/photos/spi/254599167/)

Of course I was able to get a copy of The Areas of My Expertise. I was fortuitous enough to have a copy ready for pneumatic transport as John pointed out when I mentioned the brilliancy of pneu-mail.