So after missing my first flight from BOS->DTW I got on the second plane to MI. Eventually made it to the penuicon hotel with only a few hours delay. So that wasn't that shabby.

Met up with techieb0y, mary, jon787, and scott. We ran and got dinner and returned in time for a few talks that occurred in the evening. I wish I had gotten to the hotel earlier so I could have caught some of the earlier talks but such is life, maybe next time I will actually get to the airport on time. Once we got back I was able to meet up with ch0ng, gzphreak, aragirn, and sgowtham.

Friday included all kinds of hanging out and eating ginger ice cream made with liquid nitrogen. The con was still going strong at 2am when I left.

So far Saturday went to a good discussion by Bruce Schneier on gov't collection of information including gov't databases, real id, hippa, and the switch to TCP/IP for all types of networks instead of the mix of current technologies.

Now off to even more talks.

pcon is going strong!!