Zero 8 is awesome

On New Years Eve Jess and I went and visited Montreal. While there for dinner we went to a restaurant called Zero 8. This is the first restaurant that I have been to that is 100% gluten free. Zero 8 is also free of 7 other common allergens(Fish and seafood, Peanuts, Nuts, Sesame seeds, Milk, Soya, Eggs).

Jess and I both ate from the set menu that they had for the night. It included four courses. First we had shooters of a carrot ginger soup and a potato leek soup. Both were delicious, I haven't had a really fresh good carrot ginger soup before so that was a fun experience. The next course was ratatouille covered in greens topped with cuts of steak. I had never had ratatouille before. I definitely like the combination of all of the vegetables and will have to make it for myself sometime soon. For a main course I had a lamb shank with quinoa. The lamb was great and I also got to eat quinoa for the first time. I am not exactly sure how I will make quinoa if I ever do myself but they just cooked it along with some pineapple and it was delicious. Jess had diced duck on skewers along with vegetables. For desert we both had a slices of a cake like baked good covered in chocolate and pears. It isn't that often that one finds a gluten baked good so even though the server tried to get us to get the chocolate mousse we resisted and both had the cake.

If you are ever in Montreal and need a meal free of the eight common allergens I highly recommend you check out Zero 8. I throughly enjoyed the menu and when we next make it back up to Montreal we will definitely stop in again.

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