What happened at Fishing Cove?

On Saturday June 26th in the early afternoon Jess and I left Leicester MA bound for Chéticamp, Nova Scotia. By 10pm that evening we were in Fredericton New Brunswick about half way to our destination. The most memorable part of that drive is really realizing that Maine isn't a small New England state.

Early on Sunday we got up and ventured on into Nova Scotia. After stopping at the visiting center
We made it to the Chéticamp campground in Cape Breton and the Highlands National Park.

On Monday morning we showed up at the information center bright and early and got a reservation for the Fishing Cove wilderness campsite. We then attempted to hike the Skyline trail but it was closed. We decided to hike L'Acadien which ended up being a very nice trail. It has a really good vista of Chéticamp. L'Acadien By 1pm we had started the hike into Fishing Cove. This is a view from the road. The hike was 7km and we got in around 4pm. Fishing
Cove Just in time to eat some warm rice noodles and view a pod of whales frolicking in the cove. Whales After looking at the nice view from the beach we decided it didn't make much sense to hang out in the rain so we took a brief nap. Fishing
Cove After a little bit the rain stopped but the wind picked up and was funneled right down the valley into our tent. We didn't choose the best tent location but after visiting the other pads we decided we would make the best out of what we had. Fishing
Cove Luckily we woke up in time to view an absolutely amazing sunset. During which Jess gave me a perfect opening so I ask her to marry me. She said yes! Joyful happy times were had by all(including the whales) while the sun went down. Sunset

On Tuesday we hiked out for a total hike of 15.7km. After the hike we went to the nearby bog and saw a frog, Frog, and insect eating plants. After that we drove to the other side of the peninsula and arrived at the Broad Cove campground. We took a shower and then went into town and had a hot dinner. On Wednesday we hiked Franey, Hiking
Franey saw a few plants including a Lady Slipper, Lady
Slipper . After hiking Franey we walked out on Middle Head and got some good views of the ocean even though it was cool, foggy, and cloudy. Middle

On Thursday we headed back towards home. First we stopped at Cape d'Or on the Bay of Fundy. Cape
d'Or. On Friday we arrived in Acadia for the 4th of July weekend. The rest of the weekend contained hiking, Dorr
Mtn, good eating, good company, and fireworks Firework

Overall it was an amazing trip. Both of us can't wait to get back to Nova Scotia. Oh what happened at Fishing Cove? We saw whales!

All of my photos are available on Flickr.

*hat tip to Jess for the post title and ending.*

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